Book Review: Ocean Echoes

Ocean Echoes by Sheila Hurst is an engaging story of researchers on a research cruise; some to study jellyfish, and some to study coral. Ellen, the jellyfish researcher and her young, handsome assistant Ryan have a desperate need to re-establish Ellen’s credibility after failed research. She has been warned that there may not be further funding after the upcoming expedition. Interwoven with the researchers’ story is the legend of a man who went fishing one day and never returned to his family. The islanders call to the sea turtles with a special song to bring him home, and strangely the giant turtles seem to respond to their song.

Ocean Echoes is realistically portrayed in that the characters are developed and likeable. There are hints of budding romantic relationships and other hints of danger from the elements, the local tribes, and the strange jellyfish. Sheila Hurst tells a captivating story of an enigmatic woman and her special mission that means more to her than others can understand, and yet they are drawn to her despite her self imposed isolation. An exciting page turner.

Book Review: Lady of the Bridge


Lady of the Bridge

Lady of the Bridge, by Laura Kitchell, is an epic love story that is only just beginning. Young maiden Princess Saiko is furious that she has to go to be an emperor’s consort in another city, to smooth the way for good relations between two leaders. To refuse would cause her, her family, and the emperor dishonor, and possibly cost her her life. While training to be a lady of the emperor’s society, she meets a forbidden man-the Marshall of her father’s army-and falls in love. With only days until she is to leave for Kyoto, they know they have no future, yet they can’t stop meeting. As fate would have it, he is chosen to escort her to Kyoto, but their entourage is attacked on the way. You’ll have to read Lady of the Bridge to find out what happens.
Kitchell has lived in Japan and her descriptions of kimonos, gardens, and cherry blossoms are unparalleled. Her characters are believable and their dialogue is natural. Lady of the Bridge is an enchanting romance. There are a few sex scenes that are quite descriptive, so be forewarned. I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

Book Review: The Real Truth About the Media

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There have been countless conspiracy theories presented, and this book attempts to bring them to the public eye, to make readers aware of the insidious agendas behind television commercials and news, advertising campaigns, and even political campaigns. I know I learned a lot from The Real Truth Behind the Media and you will too. Jason Knapper has provided a good overview of some programs to be aware of as you navigate life, to keep your identity and your health and safety intact. Television programs may be selected or not selected based on whether they promote the homosexual lifestyle for instance, or unwed motherhood, or goth counter cultures, or whatever will get people to watch in a particular time period rather than get out and make the world better. Television in particular is rather mind numbing and Knapper even makes the case that that is the reason networks use the word “programming,” as if the shows are somehow influencing viewers to choose some lifestyle, war, or political agenda. And perhaps they are.

Everyone knows about subliminal advertising, where a concept, picture, or message is flashed on a screen for a fraction of a second, to quick to be noticed but for a long enough time to make an impact on a viewer’s mind. These experiments have been going on since the 1950s when the BBC began trying this on television. Knapper maintains that these subliminal messages have been conditioning us all to perform some way that “they” want us to. Behaviors can be strongly influenced in this way to pacify and control the masses. Did you ever wonder why there is so much “entertainment” television and far less educational? This situation is improving, but even the educational programming could have an agenda set up by anyone with enough power.

In addition to subliminals, the flickering rate of television waves can also change your brain to function in an alpha state (similar to that used in meditation or day-dreaming) rather than it’s usual waking beta state, which is more active and might entice you to get up and do something instead. The Real Truth Behind the Media, while it just skims the surface of what is probably going on out there, is enough to open one’s mind and make you think.

Life with Gastroparesis: Fighting to Eat, Fighting to Live

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A  guest post by Clay Gilbert, author of “Annah” and “Dark Road to Paradise” clay gilbert

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if that nice meal out you’ve been looking forward to all week turned out to be your worst nightmare? If you couldn’t finish more than a couple of bites? Have you thought about what a struggle your life would be if there were days on end when you couldn’t even eat solid food without nausea? These aren’t just rhetorical questions. For those suffering from gastroparesis, these are daily realities.

Gastroparesis is a word that means what it may sound like: according to the Mayo Clinic, “Gastroparesis is a condition in which the spontaneous movement of the muscles (motility) in your stomach does not function normally (”

Medical definitions are one thing, but for those living with the disease, here are a few ways gastroparesis…

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Win an Adventure in Borneo!

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New Book Coming!

It’s still in development stages, but I have an idea for a new novel. I think I will be posting chapters here if you’d like to read along!

It’s from an idea I had to look at characters in artwork and write them into a story. More soon including first paragraphs.

Here’s a clue. Who is she? How does she live her life? Stay tuned.


Book Review: The Torch Principle


Buy “The Torch Principle” here

The Torch Principle: Light Up Your Mind is a fun book, but not easy. Javier Ideami has written a creative book on solving one’s problems. This book is compelling and innovative and a lot of work went into its creation. If you want creative ideas for improving your life, they are here. While Ideami will not tell you in so many words how to solve your problem, he will help you to determine precisely what it is with a series of questions and “drilling down” to the core and root of the issue. With exacting detail, he gives instructions for looking at the problem in many different ways.

He has even developed online tools which the reader can access, making this a truly multimedia accomplishment with videos, charts, and software to look at your issue in myriad ways. One of Ideami’s main points is to diverge (look at all sides and even at things that may not seem to connect) and then converge (connect them). By brainstorming, the reader can discover many, many ideas, even though some of them sound crazy, even though some of them sound dumb. But through all of this searching and trying, the reader will come up with something new that works.

I find this method truly creative and, while reading The Torch Principle, I decided on my “challenge” (Ideami’s word for a problem or issue). That very day, I made a contact regarding my challenge and I received a phone call that evening to schedule a meeting on it for the next day. I’m a believer and this method sparked new confidence in me. Hopefully, the rest will be history after the meeting.