Book Review: A Short Time to Stay Here


Recipient of the Willie Morris Award for Southern fiction.

A Short Time to Stay Here, by Terry Roberts

A little known part of American history is that World War I German soldiers were kept in an internment camp in North Carolina, in a converted luxury hotel. Complete with hot spring baths and contradictorily a hastily erected chain link fence, the soldiers were kept busy and allowed to build models of their German village and other projects they chose to do. While this seemed lenient to some, if they were content they might not try to escape.

The hotel manager, Steven Robbins, was given the position of supervising this camp, since he already knew the facility and grounds so well. Friction came from the town sheriff, a troublemaker if you ever saw one. Known as a hard man, a cheater, and a womanizer, Robbins stayed under the radar to avoid attracting his wrath.

In the midst of it all, a well known American photographer came to see if she could take pictures of the Germans and the internment camp. Robbins was at first reluctant to allow this potential invasion of privacy. He had too much to do what with keeping an eye on the prisoners.

Trouble ensues. I wish to avoid spoilers, so I will finish by saying this is an intimate look at a fascinating period of history. Lives are lost of some good and some bad. Anyone who likes historical fiction will enjoy this book. Though it is historical fiction, it’s more intrigue than romance, but there is some of both. I very much enjoyed reading A Short Time to Stay Here.

Book Review: The Failure of University Education

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Please enjoy the following review of a book about a new idea for university education.

The Problem:  “The problem of persistent underdevelopment has only one cause. It is the failure of university education to fulfill the promise to underdeveloped countries that it provides more than technical training. The consistent failure of university education to provide graduates with the ability to perform as effectively as expatriates from the West and from the developed countries of Asia is the single cause of underdevelopment.

These countries now have an army of university graduates. Yet, they continue to wait for development to begin at some unknown future date. The university education received has been good mostly for technical skills which still needs to be supervised by somebody else.”

I wondered who made this claim, and what his expertise was to qualify him to make it.  Here is some information about the author:

Author Bio

Born in Nigeria, Samuel A. Odunsi, Sr. left for college in Texas in 1982 and has lived in Austin ever since.

A new big idea about how education actually works and how to bring real development to the rest of the world has finally been developed.

“I stumbled on this discovery decades ago, after years of working as a freelance research assistant in the Austin, Texas area. I realized that this is what marked the difference between education that could make the university graduate an effective manager, no matter the area of specialization, and education that merely promised to do so. It was the difference between the disorder of the world in which we live, and one where every country can be as developed as the western nations.

But I was not an academic, and I’m still not one. This meant I couldn’t pursue the new ideas full time. Nevertheless, I spent much of my free time researching and substantiating these ideas. However, the demands of making a living in a business that is unrelated, and the demands of family made it a never ending project.

Meanwhile, 9-11 happened, then the Arab Spring, then ISIS.  In all these events, I believe my ideas had an important role to play. I believe they provide the essential but missing narrative in these events as well as in many others. The new ideas provide the answer to a lot of questions.

In 2015, after the loss of my father and younger sister, I realized I may never have the time to present the ideas in the 5 volumes I had always planned.  At the same time, I also realized that the solution was more important than the presentation or its length. I then proceeded to write down my key ideas in 1 short volume, using language that is accessible to the casual reader. I now have a book ready!

I’m in the process of presenting the contents of the book on, broadcasting them as much as I can, taking on all challengers, and raising funds to begin implementation anywhere on the planet.

But first, I need to get the ideas out there.  I’m hoping this book tour will help.”

THE REVIEW, by Mary Blowers:

When I read this book, I was surprised to realize that I had experienced some of the author’s same thoughts. You see, I have a high IQ, but I never finished college. I just couldn’t settle on a major that would a) make my parents happy, secure in the knowledge I could take care of myself, and b) become a passion and be something that would make me love to go to work each day. I found myself, years later, thinking that I should just learn everything from other sources. I could learn foreign languages on  the internet. There are YouTubes to teach you about life and how to run a business, and much of this knowledge can be had for free! Why should I have to sit through weeks of math classes, when I really just want to write books?

The Failure of University Education proposes that rather than teaching skills and data, universities teach resonance, which as far as I can tell is a sort of resourcefulness, flexibility and coordination hybrid. This means that if something fails to go as planned, employees trained this way will find workarounds and plan Bs. Not to play devil’s advocate, but it reminds me of homeschooling in the US. Homeschoolers,learn social skills and life skills in addition to their math and science. But it might well make people better able to handle the unexpected.


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Book Review: A Northern Gentleman


Drucker May seemed to have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The son of a bank president in the 19th century, he was given a job at the bank and promised to succeed his father at the top. His co-workers thought of him as an entitled slacker and good for nothing. But he had bigger dreams anyway. He left on the train the morning after giving the presentation no one expected and impressing the board, tossing the cushy job right out the window. Drucker was a likeable guy when you first met him, charming complete strangers in every town he landed in. The only problem was, he didn’t have a clue about people. After several loves, several towns and amazing job offers, he realizes what he’s been wanting all along.

Lane Everett skillfully pens the story of a spoiled rich boy in the railroad age trying to find himself. He arrogantly thinks that he knows what he needs, and finds himself realizing that others have needs as well.

I really liked this book and the characters. Drucker had some truly funny situations, which made me unable to put the book down until I finished it. It’s great for those who love historical fiction or romance.
I received a copy of the book from the author or publisher in exchange for my honest opinion or review of the book.

Book Review: The Ego Cluster


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Ethan is having a bad day. His girlfriend has moved out to be with someone else and his job is not working out. The Ego Cluster is a thrill packed conspiracy novel like no other, and it’s set in breath-takingly beautiful Australia. Ethan and Amelia are research scientists who are looking for a behavior altering genetic makeover. Just on the verge of discovering a world changing serum, they are told to work on a different project instead. A series of inexplicable circumstances occurs leaving them fearing for their lives.

Robert Cole has developed likeable main characters who fight hard for their cause, and equally bad guys who stop at nothing to prevent it. If you liked The Firm you’ll love The Ego Cluster.

I received The Ego Cluster in exchange for my honest review.

Book Review: Ocean Echoes

Ocean Echoes by Sheila Hurst is an engaging story of researchers on a research cruise; some to study jellyfish, and some to study coral. Ellen, the jellyfish researcher and her young, handsome assistant Ryan have a desperate need to re-establish Ellen’s credibility after failed research. She has been warned that there may not be further funding after the upcoming expedition. Interwoven with the researchers’ story is the legend of a man who went fishing one day and never returned to his family. The islanders call to the sea turtles with a special song to bring him home, and strangely the giant turtles seem to respond to their song.

Ocean Echoes is realistically portrayed in that the characters are developed and likeable. There are hints of budding romantic relationships and other hints of danger from the elements, the local tribes, and the strange jellyfish. Sheila Hurst tells a captivating story of an enigmatic woman and her special mission that means more to her than others can understand, and yet they are drawn to her despite her self imposed isolation. An exciting page turner.

Book Review: Lady of the Bridge


Lady of the Bridge

Lady of the Bridge, by Laura Kitchell, is an epic love story that is only just beginning. Young maiden Princess Saiko is furious that she has to go to be an emperor’s consort in another city, to smooth the way for good relations between two leaders. To refuse would cause her, her family, and the emperor dishonor, and possibly cost her her life. While training to be a lady of the emperor’s society, she meets a forbidden man-the Marshall of her father’s army-and falls in love. With only days until she is to leave for Kyoto, they know they have no future, yet they can’t stop meeting. As fate would have it, he is chosen to escort her to Kyoto, but their entourage is attacked on the way. You’ll have to read Lady of the Bridge to find out what happens.
Kitchell has lived in Japan and her descriptions of kimonos, gardens, and cherry blossoms are unparalleled. Her characters are believable and their dialogue is natural. Lady of the Bridge is an enchanting romance. There are a few sex scenes that are quite descriptive, so be forewarned. I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

Book Review: The Real Truth About the Media

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There have been countless conspiracy theories presented, and this book attempts to bring them to the public eye, to make readers aware of the insidious agendas behind television commercials and news, advertising campaigns, and even political campaigns. I know I learned a lot from The Real Truth Behind the Media and you will too. Jason Knapper has provided a good overview of some programs to be aware of as you navigate life, to keep your identity and your health and safety intact. Television programs may be selected or not selected based on whether they promote the homosexual lifestyle for instance, or unwed motherhood, or goth counter cultures, or whatever will get people to watch in a particular time period rather than get out and make the world better. Television in particular is rather mind numbing and Knapper even makes the case that that is the reason networks use the word “programming,” as if the shows are somehow influencing viewers to choose some lifestyle, war, or political agenda. And perhaps they are.

Everyone knows about subliminal advertising, where a concept, picture, or message is flashed on a screen for a fraction of a second, to quick to be noticed but for a long enough time to make an impact on a viewer’s mind. These experiments have been going on since the 1950s when the BBC began trying this on television. Knapper maintains that these subliminal messages have been conditioning us all to perform some way that “they” want us to. Behaviors can be strongly influenced in this way to pacify and control the masses. Did you ever wonder why there is so much “entertainment” television and far less educational? This situation is improving, but even the educational programming could have an agenda set up by anyone with enough power.

In addition to subliminals, the flickering rate of television waves can also change your brain to function in an alpha state (similar to that used in meditation or day-dreaming) rather than it’s usual waking beta state, which is more active and might entice you to get up and do something instead. The Real Truth Behind the Media, while it just skims the surface of what is probably going on out there, is enough to open one’s mind and make you think.

Life with Gastroparesis: Fighting to Eat, Fighting to Live

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A  guest post by Clay Gilbert, author of “Annah” and “Dark Road to Paradise” clay gilbert

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if that nice meal out you’ve been looking forward to all week turned out to be your worst nightmare? If you couldn’t finish more than a couple of bites? Have you thought about what a struggle your life would be if there were days on end when you couldn’t even eat solid food without nausea? These aren’t just rhetorical questions. For those suffering from gastroparesis, these are daily realities.

Gastroparesis is a word that means what it may sound like: according to the Mayo Clinic, “Gastroparesis is a condition in which the spontaneous movement of the muscles (motility) in your stomach does not function normally (”

Medical definitions are one thing, but for those living with the disease, here are a few ways gastroparesis…

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Win an Adventure in Borneo!

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