Winter Blues

Every year around February, I start feeling down because of relentless snow and cold weather. In fact, last February 2, we had a record blizzard which brought 19″ of snow. Many people didn’t make it to work that day. Maybe this winter I can plan a sunny getaway.

Many people become sad or even depressed as days get shorter from the changing seasons. Reduced sunlight exposure can alter your sleep clock and disrupt production of melatonin (sleep-regulating hormone) and serotonin (mood boosting hormone) in your body. You can’t do anything about the sun, but you can counteract this effect with a few simple measures.

My new favorite is a light box. I purchased the Phillips Go-Lite which bathes me in bright simulated daylight each morning, resetting my internal sleep clock. It is meant to simulate the light in a blue sky.

Next is exercise. Movement for 30 minutes, several times a week, is just as effective as an antidepressant for some people studied at Duke University.

According to a review published in Medical Hypothesis, HEALTHY treats, such as raw unsalted nuts and small amounts of dark chocolate, are loaded with magnesium and can help fight depression by supporting serotonin and other hormones within the brain.

Even poor posture can give you a negative outlook, so stand tall. This promotes confidence and improves how others see you as well.

If these tips don’t help, or you feel your depression is problematic for you, contact me for a wellness consultation. I can help identify health habits that contribute to depression, and discuss supplements or other suggestions. You may also wish to contact a doctor for prescription solutions.


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