Book Review: Letting Go For Fun & Profit


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If you’ve ever thought, “I’m stuck with my life” or “it’s too hard to get what I want,” where did these assumptions come from? “Letting Go for Fun & Profit” offers a layman’s guide to neuroplasticity and how it benefits your life. This daunting term refers to the ability of our marvelous brains to change in response to circumstances and attitudes. But this book does not read like a medical journal. Instead, it offers real, practical, and fun ways to improve your attitude with far reaching effects into your health, your career, and your enjoyment of life. Mary Sommerset and Jean Stoll, both highly credentialed, outline stages of change and give activity plans at the end of every chapter for achieving it.

After reading Letting Go For Fun & Profit, I asked myself, “What can I achieve now?” This book creates anticipation of realizing one’s dreams. The easy action steps listed break mental mountains down into manageable pieces. It is a quick and enjoyable read, but once is not enough. I could not put it down all weekend and made lots of notes to incorporate into my own life. I will enjoy working through it a second time and doing the steps. Reputable sources gave me confidence in the material as well as ideas for supplementary material I would like to read. If you have any regrets about your life, feeling like it’s passed you by, or just have goals you’re not sure how to achieve, this book is for you.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers’ Favorite


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