The Divine Exchange

The Divine Exchange

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by James V Potter, PhD & Paula M Potter, MA

“The Divine Exchange” is a powerhouse of a book! James V. Potter, Ph.D., and Paula M. Potter, MA, have compiled what must have been years of research into this volume of treasures, outlining what God gave us in return for what He took off our shoulders. Fully backed up with Bible references, “The Divine Exchange” convincingly presents how God feels about us, what He has given and will do for us, and what we can expect from Him in our eternal future as believers. It explains in great detail how to grow in Christ and in our relationship with God. Neurolinguistic programming is even used to cement these teachings into our memories. I could not recommend this more highly and I challenge all Christians to read it—as well as anyone who wants to know what Jesus is all about.

This book will be vital in my own spiritual growth and walk with God as I am challenged to exceed the norm and “relax and experience His presence.” So encouraging and uplifting, “The Divine Exchange” will be of great comfort to all believers as well as to those who choose to believe after reading it. I was at once convicted (of less than holy thoughts and behavior at times) and yet reassured that I am treasured by God. Though this is not a quick read, I urge you to press on to the end and you WILL receive the prize of greater understanding. Just as the Bible from which it’s based is considered to be Living Word, I believe that this book will minister to you where you are and you will receive from it what God intends. James and Paula Potter are to be commended and recognized for this significant work.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers’ Favorite


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