Book Review: Please Receive Your Healing From Heaven


Buy Please Receive Your Healing From Heaven: Note to the Western Church

The premise of Please Receive Your Healing From Heaven is that, in broad terms, believers are not enjoying the fullness of blessings available from heaven. Cyndi White sets out to show believers how to do this and receive healing; physical, spiritual, mental, and also healing of our lives. Her belief is that churches do not teach this fully in the Western world, but she has pointed us to some resources that may be of assistance. She maintains that people can learn these skills and that they should be taught to all to be open to and to take advantage of them to better their lives. Who couldn’t use a few more blessings?

I have spent some time in Pentecostal churches and am familiar with the type of ministry Cyndi White recommends. They are surely uplifting and encouraging. I feel she makes a good point in Please Receive Your Healing From Heaven that if children were taught these concepts and skills at an early age, much traveling down “the wrong path” could be avoided. Man still has free will to decide which path to take, and therein lies the danger, but if they choose the path of the Holy Spirit, great things are possible. I think this information is worth reading and applying to your own life. It certainly cannot hurt and if it helps you will surely be blessed by reading it. Once learning and applying it for yourself, you can then go on to teach your children, and encourage others to learn the same way.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.


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