Book Review: My Neighbor’s House

My Neighbors House

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My Neighbor’s House is part of a series on the Ten Commandments of the Bible, this one being on the tenth commandment. Coveting (or wanting too much) what belongs to someone else, in essence making it your god or obsession, is considered to be a sin. Spiritual blessings are laid out to be much more meaningful, useful, and fulfilling than material possessions. Marja Meijers’ book proposes how to avoid committing this sin in your life through a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. By being aware, you can sense when God is trying to tell you to do more of this or less of that.

Everyone desires something. When desire turns to obsession, problems occur. God has a plan for our lives, here on earth, or He would have taken us to heaven at the moment of salvation, says Meijers, and we need to listen to Him to be aware of His plan. Seeking after material things can restrict the time we have available for God, and we can become out of touch with Him. As He is our maker, designer of our life, and our ultimate hope, we cannot afford to do that. Meijers offers probing questions to help us identify areas where we may be getting into coveting.

I loved this book and will work through it with a highlighter and journal. It’s well researched, well written, and logical to follow along with. Marja Meijers makes many good points in My Neighbor’s House that prompt introspection. If I look at my own life, I can see areas where I am wasting time with idle pursuits and time that could be better spent developing my spiritual relationship.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers’ Favorite


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