Book Review: Raising the Alarm Over False Conversion

Raising the Alarm

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Raising the Alarm Over False Conversion: Clinging to False Hope, by Alfred Chong, is a unique description of the author’s view of Christian salvation. His belief is that many people around the world, even those who call themselves Christians and think they are saved, are living a life of delusion and are in reality doomed to eternal separation from God! He discusses grace as the means of salvation, but then lays out many false beliefs that lead people to imagine that they are in God’s good graces. In fact, he describes a specific means of salvation involving being first chosen by God. Chong believes one cannot come to Christ unless he is one of those chosen. Even more frightening, this book elaborates to detail characteristics of false gospels and false churches, casting doubt on such things as entertainment in church and misinterpretations of various Bible teachings. Many, many Scriptures are cited lending credence to this book.

I found Raising the Alarm Over False Conversion fascinating because I am a Bible reader and believer. Alfred Chong has cast an entirely new light on the means of salvation with the best intentions of preventing false hope. It has changed my thinking as I encounter various beliefs, churches, and people in my own life. It’s true that there are many conflicting beliefs in the world, all claiming to be the true religion, or more frighteningly that any way to God is valid. I do personally believe that a person can choose salvation apart from the specific choosing and direction of God, but this gave me a lot to think about.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.


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