Book Review: If Your Shoes Could Speak


Buy “If Your Shoes Could Speak”

If Your Shoes Could Speak, by Sherley Mondesir-Prescott, is an adorable book. Filled with descriptive situations and fun words, your child will enjoy reading this book or being read to, especially aloud. The choice of words lends itself to enthusiastic reading with words that are fun to say. The silly pictures add to the enjoyment. Shoes with eyes and mouths, animals taking part in the activities, and bright colors make this a visual smorgasbord. An additional feature in this technological age is a free audio download of the book being read aloud, which your child could listen to over and over. Full instructions are given in the book to download from the publisher’s website. I tried this and it is easy to do and the narration was pleasant to listen to, with just a short commercial message at the beginning and end.

It’s my hope that today’s children will be encouraged to read through clever books like this one. Sherley Mondesir-Prescott has provided a cute and colorful book in If Your Shoes Could Speak, with enchanting drawings of animals that will draw the reader in and make them excited to turn the next page to see what happens next. When I was a young reader, I remember books with pictures like these and they were my favorites and I would read them over and over. I can’t wait to see what my grandchildren think of it. For elementary school and preschool age children.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Choice.


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