Book Review: Fellowship With God-Bright Lights on the Path Leading to Jesus


Buy: Fellowship with God Bright lights on the path leading to Jesus

Henry Miranda’s book, Fellowship With God, is resplendent with Scripture and at the same time provides practical lessons in spiritual growth. His tone is never condescending or derogatory, but like a gentle father guides believers to greater communion with their Lord. His intention is to present the gospel and help people enter the kingdom of God, through fostering a closer walk with the Lord. Puzzling questions are answered, like what is Satan and his role, and how can we guard against his strategies. Miranda always provides Scripture to back up his ideas. One of these ideas is that Christians are meant to be in fellowship with each other. They can guide, comfort, teach, and be an example to each other. Many problems stem from feeling alone. Negative behaviors are often adopted to fill the void experienced without close Christian brothers and sisters. This in effect would draw you away from God. Our fellowship, however, is meant to be with other believers. The wrong company can harm your spiritual life. Miranda teaches how to know the difference and gives examples of wholesome practices to occupy your time and your mind.

I found much to like in Fellowship With God. Henry Miranda is transparent, telling of painful episodes in his own childhood if it will help to illustrate a principle. I know that I have encountered false teachers like he describes, who try to pull you away from Christ until it is too late to choose Him. This book provides me with many Scripture references I can use when talking to others about Christ in hopes they will trust in Him.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.


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