Book Review: Beyond Poverty Line

Beyond Poverty Line

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Mindset is a powerful thing and in Beyond Poverty Line, Ehikhamen Samuel Osagie explains how to gain freedom through your mindset. He compares self-limiting behavior to confinement in a penitentiary and offers means of escape. Further, he cautions against certain behaviors that would place you back in this confinement. His example? King Solomon of the Christian Bible. Solomon is reported to be the richest man in the world in Bible times. Indeed he had vast material wealth, a temple, stables, horses, and hundreds of wives and concubines and the money to dress them in finery. But people today, states Osagie, go for material wealth and are not truly happy. The secret is to visualize a rich lifestyle and imagine yourself in it. Live in that reality. It must take over your state of mind. Meditate on the “island” or your hoped-for lifestyle and see and feel yourself in it. Then, you must eliminate all traces of the old life and its memories. You must remove any possibility of re-entering that world. For instance if I wanted my home to look like a photo in a decorating magazine, I would need to get rid of any junk or old furniture that didn’t fit in my dream. Even clutter would have to go since you never see that in magazines.

This is another thought provoking book. I so enjoy books that make me think and take me outside myself to imagine new possibilities. Beyond Poverty Line is one of those books. Think about habits that you do because you were told to do them when growing up, or you learned them in school and never stopped doing them. Are they serving you today? This is the kind of change Beyond Poverty Line can help you create. It is my goal to learn all I can about the life I want to create, and then make decisions based on that knowledge as Ehikhamen Samuel Osagie advises.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.


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