Book Review: Win No Matter What

Win No Matter What

Buy “Win No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life”

Win No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life, by Nihar Suthar, is a worthwhile read. While some of his material is quotes from other authors, it is nicely tied together to flow into an expansion of his table of contents. The premise of this book is that your success is largely due to matters entirely within your own control—your mood, attitude, and how you view others—which he names “The Terrible Trio”. Many examples are given of people who, despite their circumstances, rose above them and used them to fuel their success. It’s not enough to simply go to a job every day, punch a clock, put in your hours, and go home to complain about your job. Engagement in your life is critical as well. Figure out why you want to do something that you have a passion for and that will also fuel your motivation and help you to figure out how to do it.

While I have read some of this material before, I enjoyed Win No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life, by Nihar Suthar and recommend it to anyone stymied in their efforts to get ahead. It is not so much a matter of other people and what they are doing, it is about you and what kind of person you are. I sometimes say, “one person can’t have a fight,” meaning if you refuse to descend to the level of your critics, you come out ahead and they look like a fool. Who can resist someone who’s always smiling? I enjoy talking to people I don’t know, finding a common ground, and making them smile. This book reinforces that attitude and I think everyone can learn something from it.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite


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