Book Review: Billy Graham in Quotes

Billy Graham

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Billy Graham in Quotes, by Franklin Graham and Donna Lee Toney, is a comprehensive collection of the quotes of this great preacher and soul winner for Christ. He has shared the gospel message with seekers in every continent and more than 185 countries. The quotes are arranged by topic and there are a staggering 107 topics, such as prayer, peace, love, salvation, and death. These quotes are taken from the many books Graham has authored including Peace With God, The Secret of Happiness, and How To Be Born Again.

I can recommend this book highly to everyone who is questioning anything about God or about the Bible. With 107 featured topics you can surely find a quote on whatever situation you’re facing and you can find comfort. Billy Graham in Quotes is an unusual compendium of advice, comfort, and truth, all based on the Bible. Even in the Death chapter I found some sobering words. Here is an example: “We now have the advantage of a few more years of life, but death is still standing at the end of the road.” You can’t argue with that. As I get older, and after experiencing the death of my father earlier this year, these words ring true. Though I am certified in several natural health modalities, you can only prolong life to a point, and we will all die someday. Knowing where we are going is of paramount importance. In that sense, it no longer matters what we have on earth, for it will pale in comparison to all we have in heaven. Walking with Jesus? That’s where I want to be.


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