Book Review: Health + Happiness = Wellness


Buy “Health + Happiness = Wellness: Discover Your Unique Nature and What Specifically Works for You”

Health + Happiness = Wellness, by Rakesh Sethi is a book based on Ayurvedic principles, the ancient health system of India. It is a system rooted in finding balance for each person’s unique constitution—emotional and spiritual as well as physical. It requires working to stay in balance each day, not only when one is sick. The mind plays a heavy part as well, so it is important to avoid stress and conflict for your best possible wellness. Yoga is introduced as a practice, not just physical exercises but so much more involving the whole lifestyle.

Avoidance of stressful situations means avoiding toxic, negative people and situations. It’s common to find people who do nothing but complain and cause trouble. These are very detrimental to your well-being and it is best to find more positive friends and spend time alone.

The different mind-body constitutions or doshas are discussed, presenting characteristics and lists of recommended foods for each.

Health + Happiness = Wellness also covers spiritual paths that are recommended for each dosha. By nurturing all your components with techniques mindful of your particular constitution, you will have a healthier and happier life. This book goes deep into certain Ayurvedic principles, but at a user-friendly level. I really enjoyed this as I am trying to learn more about Ayurveda as part of a holistic program I am studying, and it seems there would be tips that everyone could utilize to achieve a more healthful natural lifestyle. Recommended for anyone trying to attain a high level of natural wellbeing without reliance on drugs and allopathy.


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