Book Review: 24/6


24/6: a prescription for a healthier, happier life

While I was reading 24/6, several people commented on the title and asked me what it was about. The concept of 24/7 is ubiquitous in our global workplace, and most I have talked to say it would be great to have a day off—really off. We are constantly available by cell phone, email, or voice mail, and this has even evolved to the point where we feel guilty or are actually MADE to feel guilty if we don’t respond in what the other person feels is a timely manner—often within mere minutes. We panic if we leave home without our cell phone. And yet there are laws to protect us from ourselves if we try to use the cell phone while driving and
laws that are meant to limit work hours to what is felt to be a safe level.

Not simply a feel good religious book, the author actually presents evidence of increased illness when we do not have any margin or downtime in our lives. It increases stress, which is tied to illness, but our bodies also have built-in mechanisms to provide rest, such as sleep when much of our healing and restoration occurs. When we deflect these mechanisms, breakdowns will eventually occur.

24/6 offers a plan for restoring balance to your life by allowing God His due. By embracing His influence, and resting
as He commands, we can be healthier and happier.


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