Book Review: 5 Steps to Happiness (Find Your Power Hour)

5 Steps to Happiness by “Sparrow” is a short and to the point book about how to be happy! It is a workbook format, so expect to answer some questions and fill in some forms. However, there are no wrong answers, so feel free to use pencil or a separate sheet of paper and complete the forms more than once as you grow in this area. Many circumstances can contribute to feeling unhappy. Some will be beyond your control, as they may involve things that happened to you in youth. Some you will not even consciously remember. In any case, what may have happened is not what’s important. It is what you tell yourself about it that matters. The apostle Paul in the Bible states that he has learned the secret of being content no matter his circumstances, and that is a big secret. He was in jail and in danger of death most of the time, when he wrote this. We too can find good things in any situation, and learn to be happy anyway, by being good to ourselves and to others.

Through 5 Steps to Happiness by “Sparrow” you will be guided to discover what makes you happy, what your goals are, and how to look at disappointment. Another key tool is developing your sanctuary island, or your “happy place”. If you meditate, that will facilitate this, but even if you don’t, thinking of someone you love, or playing with a pet or small child, will relax you and make you happy. Do this each day for a mini-break that will truly refresh you.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.


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