Book Review: The Y’Nevano Book of Encouragements


Buy “The Y’NEVANO Book of Encouragements”

Life is a series of relative situations. There is always someone prettier and plainer, smarter and less intelligent, richer and poorer, than oneself. Your personal best is what matters. Anything is possible according to Wali Collins and you just “Nevano.” Everyone has the potential to do something no one else can do, or at least not as well. What’s your mission or legacy?

The Y’Nevano Book of Encouragements is a book full of dozens of short pep talks. Collins has come up with some new ways of looking at life by being yourself, trying new things, and being a good listener. Read a few entries each week for inspiration or to get your life off the autopilot setting. Why do you do things the way you do them? Why do I wear so much black? Why do I avoid social situations? Maybe I would enjoy doing something different if I tried it. Why do I start projects and not finish? All these projects are unfulfilled commitments. No wonder I am overwhelmed. This is a thought-provoking book and I hope you will buy a copy today. Try it-no regrets.


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