Book Review: Inspirations

Inspirations: Unveiling Spiritual Warfare Through Reflections, is a very short book, written by Melvin C. Echard Sr., and is comprised primarily of text messages between him and his wife. Before you stop reading, his premise is that the spiritual enemy, i.e., the devil, uses even modern technology to undermine the lives of believers. Text messages, tweets, and Facebook posts sent before one becomes a believer can resurface years later causing division between married partners, and embarrassment to oneself. Even more prevalent are the offers and availability of video sex, pictures, and lewd conversation broadcast to diverse and possibly disinterested audiences who nevertheless could become tempted by them. One can see that even children can be inadvertently or perhaps intentionally reached by these “offers.” All they offer is spiritual death.

Echard’s purpose in sharing these text messages in Inspirations: Unveiling Spiritual Warfare Through Reflections is twofold: to show how modern technology can be used against these purposes of the enemy to uplift and encourage each other and spread the Word of God, and to launch an attack of his own. You see, believers know that the Word of God is living and that speaking it, or in this case publishing it through social media, spreads its life and life-giving properties to whomever it reaches. After each message in the book, spaces are provided for your own reflections on the message, a commitment statement (for you to write how your life is impacted and will change) and a memory verse to keep close to your heart for those times of temptation.

I gave this a 3 because it seemed to be trying to do too much with so few words. It’s a good concept, I just thought it could have been handled differently.

Reviewed for Readers Favorite by Mary DeKok Blowers.


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