Book Review: Christian Poet’s Musings About God, Spirituality and Stuff Miscellaneously Presented

Christian Poet

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Christian Poet’s Musings About God, Spirituality and Stuff Miscellaneously Presented, by John Patrick Gatton. This is a collection of thoughts; reflections, really. They are meant to provoke ones thinking about spiritual matters, and I must say that they accomplish their purpose. Not a book to be read once quickly, but rather something to read selections from on a random basis and then digest them. It’s even suggested to use Musings as a group activity, perhaps in a Bible study group or among like-minded friends. Gatton refers to the Musings as Brainteasers at one point, which I think trivializes the depth of the writing. More than just riddles, the Musings are at their core designed to inspire one to view situations and relationships in a new light, not the least of which is ones relationship with the risen Christ. By discussing in a group, all can have greater understanding of some of the mysteries of their own life, and also about life in general.

For instance, fear is treated as a lesser option, to be used only in emergencies. What does fear say to you? Especially when discussing fear of the unknown, how does one know that the expected event is anything bad? Here we are urged to remember the Creator who has all things under His control and has full knowledge of what we are experiencing. True believers need fear nothing, knowing that Christ is the most important thing in our lives and even when we die, however it happens, we will be with Him. Consider also credibility. Who is to say who is credible, and are they credible themselves? Who gave them that authority?

Christian Poet’s Musings will change your life if you let it.


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