Book Review: Losing & Gaining

Losing Gaining

Buy “Losing and Gaining: How to Change Your Relationship with Food and Your Body”

Losing & Gaining: How to change your relationship with food and your body, by Chrisi Santana, is the story of one woman’s victory over her health challenges and how she got there. Formerly obese at 250 pounds and suffering from frequent hives, a migraine that lasted a month sent her to the doctor. This was not like other migraines. Normally she could lie down in the dark and sleep, and they would go away. This time it did not work, and in desperation she sought help. The family doctor prescribed painkillers, which helped short term but then began causing rebound headaches. Suffering with debilitating pain and neck spasms, she went for an MRI, which was inconclusive, and then to see a neurologist. Faced with another MRI and preventive daily migraine medication, she began to seek alternatives. After trying physical therapy and biofeedback, which trains your body to relax, she stumbled upon a dietician and food sensitivity testing. As it turns out, her sensitivity to corn and dairy were the crux of the problem. Avoiding these foods, she has never had another migraine and the hives went away. Working with the dietician, she modified her diet to improve her health and dropped much of her excess weight in the process!

Losing & Gaining is an inspiring book and Chrisi Santana has gone on to open a wellness coaching business. By sharing her story she gives others hope to solve their health problems and inspires them to keep going when the going gets tough. Her success involved learning what foods might have the offending ingredients in them, and being very diligent to avoid her triggers. Eating in restaurants is a tricky operation, but there are ways to succeed there too. Losing & Gaining can help you get on top of your weight or health problems.


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