Book Review: Illusions, Dystopia, & Monsters



Illusions, Dystopia, & Monsters by Kermit E. Heartsong lays out a series of statements about today’s world that indicate that all is not what it seems. Today’s circumstances are compared to several dystopian films of the last century and many similarities are drawn. Next, government, big business, and even the church are likened to Sauron of the “Lord of the Rings” books, as insidious monsters and having agendas against humble, good, and honest people of integrity.

I do agree that people need to avoid mindless media (one of the “monsters”) and pursue more constructive activities, one of Heartsong’s suggestions. Turning off the TV and other electronics, at least some of the time, gives us the opportunity to relate to other people, which I believe is one purpose we all share.

I appreciate the chance to review this book but I find it to be alarmist, extremist, and negative. While I agree that the world has major problems, creating fear is not the answer.


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