Book Review: Blood Tithe

Blood Tithe

Blood Tithe

Can’t stop thinking about the Howler in Glenn Soucy’s “Blood Tithe,” which is the mark of a great book in my eyes and a great way to gain a repeat customer.  This villain is so ruthless, so heartless, and so powerful, I held my breath when Soucy dropped hints that the Howler was near.

Little Jeremy’s family lives in a neighborhood on the edge of the woods, with a guarded military building far back among the trees.  As boys will do, he and his best friend explored in the area and when Jeremy had a terrible, near fatal accident, he pulled through but it had changed his life and that of his family, forever.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat as Jeremy gains strength and maturity far beyond his years dealing with superpowers and an otherworldly monster.  Tough decisions have to be made and I was pleased with the outcome, but there are many questions to be answered and I can’t wait to start the next book.


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