Book Review: Walk Yourself Skinny

Walk Yourself Skinny: Lose Weight Without Dieting or Starving and Even Eat Your Favorite Foods! (Lose Weight, Burn Fat Walking, Weight Loss And Get Thin Series)

Walk Yourself Skinny by Michael Manning is a great, basic, how-to-start-a-walking-program book.  One of the most dramatic examples is what it actually takes to lose a pound.  You must burn 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat, and therefore it will take 15.5 weeks for a slow walker walking 1.5 hours a week, to lose that pound.  One 250 calorie donut consumed per week will extend your time to reach your goal by a week!  This is not given as discouragement, but rather to motivate to greater achievement.  Everything is covered from type of shoes and clothing, to providing for water to drink, to where to walk.  Warm-ups are critical to avoid injury, especially for those not used to exercising.  A sample routine is given for getting started and if you are consistent and keep progressing, you will improve and you will benefit.  You can progress over several weeks for increased strength and stamina. Sample meal plans are given to show how you can still eat your favorite foods, in moderation, while staying within your calorie range.


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