Book Review: My Guide: Manage Fibromyalgia/CFS


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My Guide: Manage Fibromyalgia/CFS, by Rebecca Richmond, is an interesting look at an often misunderstood pair of afflictions; Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Doctors sometimes don’t know what to do with these patients because there is no clear cause or treatment for them. Thus, we end up doctoring ourselves. There is a lot we can do if we have symptoms of these ailments and many of the symptoms, according to Richmond, are stress-related. She had fibromyalgia herself and so completely understands others who suffer from it, but unlike many such patients she takes a positive proactive attitude which has all but halted these symptoms.

Since stress is thought to be one of the main factors in contracting either of these two related conditions, stress relievers are a majority of the help presented in this book. Everyone has some matter of control over circumstances in their own life, through choices they make, and so one tip is to remove as much stress as possible. While that is easier said than done, if you think about a flat tire as the end of the world, you are likely to feel worse than if you just fix it or call for help, and deal with it. Beyond that, many meditation scripts are provided that can help with relaxation and sleep, and acceptance, and attitude shifts. Exercise and sleep are important factors in maximizing your health no matter what conditions you may have, and these areas are covered as well. While someone with Fibromyalgia may not be able to run marathons, it’s important to do what you can consistently, even if it’s just walking five minutes a day, or three times a day, increasing it gradually to a more ambitious level.  My Guide: Manage Fibromyalgia/CFS, by Rebecca Richmond, will help you to get healthier if you suffer from these conditions.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.


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