Book Review: What Happens After Life?

What Happens After Life

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Ron Rhodes wrote, What Happens After Life? 21 Amazing Revelations About Heaven and Hell. This is a controversial topic because there are so many theories about this subject. People claim to have died and returned, but these are called NEAR death experiences. Rhodes gives Biblical references to make his point that these are not a true picture of heaven or hell. In fact, this book is filled with references to answer many questions people have about death and the hereafter. Will we have physical bodies and recognize our loved ones? What happens to babies who haven’t yet made a choice for Christ and are not accountable for their actions? And what will do in heaven? All these are answered as best they can be from Scripture.

I was particularly struck by the near death experience section. There is a movie to be released soon made from one of the books Rhodes mentions, Heaven is For Real, that is sure to be very popular with so many searching for answers. Without bashing books of this type, Ron Rhodes gives references showing that these may actually be occult out of body experiences and we are to stay far away from those at risk of our very soul. Mediums, witchcraft, and divination are all strictly forbidden in the Bible but so many today consult fortune tellers or learn to read Tarot cards themselves. Please read what the Bible has to say about these practices for yourself with this book as a guide. But What Happens After Life is well written, with good source information, and ends with a call to belief in Christ. I give this book 5 stars.

Available April 1, 2014. 


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