Mini Book Review: Eat Move Sleep

Buy “Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes”

Eat Move Sleep caught my attention right away because I agree those are the 3 keys to good health, at least as far as we have control over. Having experienced a traumatic case of cancer which caused him to lose his sight, Tom Rath is a wonder to have achieved success as an author. But perhaps more important is his no nonsense attitude about life. You can make a choice pro or con about everything that affects your health. Ham sandwich, or a green salad?  Piece of fresh fruit, or ice cream sundae? Stay up & watch a movie, or get 8 hours of sleep at all costs?  If you always choose the healthier choice, your health WILL improve.  He makes the better choice to keep his cancer from returning. I learned some intriguing facts in Eat Move Sleep. For instance, standing is better for you than sitting as your HDL cholesterol (the good one) drops while sitting for just 20 minutes.  Also, do you get tired of a new diet within a few weeks? Research says it can take the body a year to adjust to the new diet, so switching around will do you no good. This is a fascinating read to add to your health shelf. 5 stars.


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