Almost Easter-What Does it Mean to YOU?


On Maundy Thursday-the anniversary of the Last Supper, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci and sensationalized in some recent novels-I’m posting an excerpt from my novel-in-progress (working title is “Expectations”) that is a synopsis of my feelings about my faith.

“She would never stop being a Christian. She was committed to Christ. But there were a myriad of different faiths within Christianity. Different types of nuns, monks, abstinence from this or that, meditations on mandalas, and then there were “add-ons” like the Rosicrucians, Eckankar, different types of mind control or mind training, ascetism, yoga, that supposedly were not religions and didn’t conflict with religions. How did you ever find what would be most fulfilling for you? It seemed it would need to include body, mind, soul, and spirit. Were soul and spirit the same? And what was the mind exactly? If you died, where did it go-did it go with the part of you that lived on in eternity? So many mysteries. How much were we supposed to know? She had read once that when Adam & Eve sinned, God hid certain knowledge from them (and us). It couldn’t be wise to go in search of that hidden knowledge-could it? Yet that is just what the ancient wisdom groups or cults did. They even charged money to teach it to others. Christian churches didn’t charge fees, other than the freewill offerings. She didn’t get why people were so hostile against Christian churches either. They don’t force anyone to believe. They are just very very sure what they believe and everyone can make their own choice. People don’t like being told there is only one right way. The other thing she didn’t really get, was karma and Hinduism. It was so hard to be perfect and do everything right, in fact, it was impossible. But karma taught that if you weren’t perfect you’d have to come back and try again. With Christianity, Jesus paid our price and after our 70 or 80 years here, more or less, we got to go to heaven and be with Him. Simple decision right? But people wanted to have control over their own lives, she guessed that was the issue.”

I hope this makes you think. It might even make you mad. But it’s worth looking at since we are sinful beings by nature. God’s plan requires blood sacrifice for sins and as you can see by reading in the Old Testament of the Bible that fallible humans could never keep up with that system. Jesus, by dying on the cross, paid our sacrifice for all sins committed, past, present, and future. Mind boggling. But it’s the greatest promise ever made. If you are right to believe in Him, you’ll be in heaven when you die. If you believe and it’s not true, it may simply cause you to be a nicer person, more considerate, more giving, more loving. It’s a win win. No such guarantee in the other faiths.

Do you really have control over your life? You can make certain decisions, but you cannot prolong your life one minute longer than God ordains. You may want to take the long weekend to get to know Him better. Here’s a fascinating website that can help. and you can read the Bible online at With love-God bless you.


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