Book Review: The Miracle Ship

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The Miracle Ship, by Brian O’Hare, is the fascinating true story of Irish Catholic John Gillespie, called by some a “faith healer.” John is always quick to give the credit to God, but he himself does allow God to flow power through him to help others. The title of this book comes from a prophecy over the life of John and his wife Christina, that he would be used in a powerful healing ministry to believers. The prophet saw a ship with Jesus at the bow, and it was full of miracles to be given to those who needed them. Recovering from a degenerative bone disease which caused extreme pain in his leg and hip, solely through prayer, Gillespie knows firsthand the suffering that can take place with chronic illness. He persisted in prayer until the healing finally took place for him. After that, he would pray for others as he came across them, and many people were healed as well, raising even his infant daughter after she had been dead for ten minutes. But all this opened the door to demonic forces to oppose him and attack his family. It became a common occurrence that one or the other of their children woke up screaming at the sight—or even the touch–of a demonic force in their room. These demons were banished each time and the children grew to trust in their father and ultimately in God to keep them safe. Before long people were seeking him out and he had to set up weekly individual healing appointments and monthly group prayer services to be able to help more people.

This is a very practical book as it details many things that can prevent one’s healing. For instance, involvement in the occult, negative patterns of speech or thought, or even possession of certain items in your home can allow demons to invade. If someone has an illness that doctors cannot seem to understand or heal, Gillespie prays and is often given information from the Holy Spirit about the reason for the trouble. Idolatry, not pursuing a relationship with God, and unrepentant sin can all hinder healing and must be addressed. Gillespie has a gift for listening to God about the specific reason in any case and then holds a frank discussion with the ill person asking, in effect, “Do you really wish to be healed?” Helpful information is in the appendices such as lists of items and practices which could lure a demonic spirit into your life. With his remarkable success rate, the church should take notice of this man and his ministry. Don’t judge this book by its cover. It’s an incredibly sophisticated spiritual book. You won’t be disappointed if you read Brian O’Hare’s The Miracle Ship.

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