How Do You Find Your Own Voice?


Does what you read affect your writing? Possibly also the movies you watch? You can even use photos.  What does the photo above make you want to write?

I used to love to read Flannery O’Connor because it made me write quirky stories about people I met briefly who were not like me–on the bus, at the plasma clinic, at the college music listening lounge. After going to a movie, especially at a theatre where you become more enmeshed in the story than when watching it on your own TV, I often felt like I was the main female character. Could this strategy be used to direct your writing purposefully? What if you wanted to write a spiritual journal-you could read Thomas Merton, A.W. Tozer, or C.S. Lewis. If you wanted to write a fantasy, you could read Tolkien.

But what does this say about you? Are you a chameleon? Try to develop your own opinions about everything. Try to look at situations–real or in your books–in a different way that’s unique to you.  What can you offer the reading world that no one else can? By using your own experiences, thoughts, and dreams to guide you, you can have a totally new perspective that will open minds and hearts to your characters.  Tell your own story.

Please comment with your thoughts about this.  Your own new perspective.



  1. Hi Mary, in answer to your question, the photo makes me want to write about when Jesus said it’s easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

    I heard once that the ‘eye of the needle’ was an entrance into the city of Jerusalem and you could barely get through ona camel, but impossible if you were loaded up with luggage 0 don’t know how true this is but makes a lot of sense!

    Sorry for the ramble, but just goes to show what you are saying is true – you really can get writing inspiration from anywhere, anyone and anything!

    Thanks Mary, keep up the great work! : )


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