4 Hassle-Free Ways To Write How-To Articles

A nice & concise method for writing how-to’s.

The Joy of Writing


You want to get your blog started, but you don’t want to be burdened with writing articles every time you turn around. The fact is, writing how-to articles is not that much of a hassle once you have a system for it.

Try these methods to create short, how-to articles that will:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Position yourself as an expert, and
  • Increase sales

Give your readers information they need and you will be the first person they think of when they run into challenges.

Consider creating a template for your articles that will fit the needs of your audience. Ask yourself if they want detailed information, or if they’re happy receiving broad ideas that will allow them to tailor the information to meet their specific needs.

If they want specific information, you could always include a teaser paragraph in an email and then provide a link at the bottom of that paragraph. The link…

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