What is a Delusional Disorder?

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Savipra Gorospe

A delusional disorder is a mental disorder that may be triggered by many causes; its only symptom is that one concentrates in a specific type of distorted belief until they end up believing it.

Normally, when people think of delusional disorders, they often think about bizarre delusions such as “I have a listening device in my ear” or “I have been chosen by aliens”. But these types of delusions are caused by schizophrenic disorders.

delusional disorder in itself is similar to Othello Syndrome or the excessive worrying about one’s health, allowing a relatively normal life… And in most cases, it can be identified at a glance.

Othello Syndrome is a type of Delusional Jealousy, marked by suspecting unfaithful partner of infidelity, with accompanying jealousy. Attempts at monitoring and control, and sometimes violence.

The cure for a delusional disorder is difficult. The therapist, or even acquaintances who suggest the…

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