Book Review: In Search of God and the Ten Commandments


In Search of God and the Ten Commandments: One Person’s Journey to Preserve a Small Part of America’s God-given Values and Freedoms

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In Search of God and the Ten Commandments, One Person’s Journey to Preserve a Small Part of America’s God-Given Values and Freedoms, by Sue Hoffman, details a monumental project (pun intended) undertaken after the author believes God told her to document the Ten Commandments statues throughout The United States of America. Although the Fraternal Order of Eagles had erected these monuments, when she approached them to attempt to catalogue them, she had to gain their trust since many lawsuits had broken out across the country as many organizations and individuals were trying to remove them as an affront to their own beliefs.

Hoffman found many erroneous beliefs about the monuments, such as that they were financed by Cecil B. DeMille, producer of the Ten Commandments film. In reality, they began to be erected before the film released and have continued for many years after. Judge E. J. Ruegemer initiated the monument project representing the oldest code of conduct handed down to man, as he put it, but sadly many Eagles clubs today do not even realize they have a monument, where it is, or how it got there. Besides the monuments, thousands of framed Ten Commandments prints were produced and sent to schools and courtrooms across the country. Many of the Ten Commandments that are the subject of legal action and subsequently taken down in controversial news stories may well be these very copies that were produced by the Eagles and distributed, in good faith that our country would continue to be One Nation Under God as its founders intended.

In Search of God and the Ten Commandments is a comprehensive and well researched book that will make anyone think twice about petitioning to have the sacred text removed from any public building. Ruegemer felt that it was the paramount foundation to good morals and a safe society. Sue Hoffman obviously feels the same to have conducted this research, sometimes through assistants when her health eventually prevented her from doing it herself. She included history of the use of the Ten Commandments and the Bible for those not familiar with it. She’s to be commended for this impressive undertaking.



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