Book Review: The Seed Sower


The Seed Sower: A 40-Day Journey to Sow Seed & Harvest Fruit

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The Seed Sower, by Tammy L. Jordan, is a lovely little book, well researched and developed. It contains 40 devotional chapters, each of which describes an attribute or “fruit” of the Christian, Bible verses relative to it, how to develop it in your own life, and a prayer about it. Further, these attributes are grouped into Physical, Emotional, Mental, and so forth. In the Physical section, for instance, are items like purity, charity, and temperance. The Seed Sower would be a perfect gift for someone about to get married, someone who has just accepted Christ, or anyone wishing to recommit their life to Him.

Tammy Jordan wrote this book and others in the First Fruit series to aid Christians in seeking God’s will for their lives. The title The Seed Sower refers to a Biblical principle of sowing and reaping. Just as the farmer prepares his field, sows wheat seeds, irrigates the soil, eradicates weeds, and provides fertilizer, we can sow a seed of love by bringing a meal to someone who’s just experienced a death in the family, and while they are not obligated per se to return the favor, our act does open the door to allow us to receive a harvest of blessings from the Lord. Likewise, seeds of encouragement that we sow in the lives of downtrodden others can come back to us when we need encouragement. All these seeds should be nurtured and encouraged to grow in our own lives, and the benefits will surprise us.


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