Book Review: The Confident Introvert


The Confident Introvert


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I recently read The Confident Introvert by Lynette Crane. Crane is an introvert herself, and has made it her mission to enlighten us on the distinctions between shyness, introversion, low self-esteem. With a Masters in Psychology, by her careful analysis of these terms, she has brought real help and hope to timid people everywhere.

It’s common to fear public speaking, for example, but it is a skill that can be learned like any other. And those who prefer to stay home alone are actually the most likely to become successful at anything they need plenty of alone time to practice and learn, such as musicians and writers. So many variations in human beings are not right or wrong, just different, and we can all learn from each other.

Conditioning from childhood, whether it is school bullies or parents that didn’t give a child a warm feeling, can scar a person for life. However, it can be overcome by changing the way a trauma is remembered—for instance you might say “well, I wasn’t REALLY going to die if he teased me”. Lynette Crane gives exercises to grow through any perceived handicap and become a Confident Introvert.



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