A Short Note on Blogging

A little friendly push to all to write on this rainy day. 🙂

April Voytko Kempler's Blog - Reno Gal Says

Why this blog? The short answer is because my publisher recommends I have one. The long answer is… no, there is no other answer. The reason is basically the short answer.

I wrote a book

I want to build a platform

I need to find my tribe

I’m a shy person, really. I tell my friends this and they scoff at me. Really, I am. I don’t have a burning desire to share my world, my thoughts, my life. I’m a book person, and as such I like to be by myself quietly reading a book.

On the surface it would seem I want to share everything since I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and I’m on LinkedIn.

Believe me, this is all for the good of the book. Yup, that again.(If you’re interested in purchasing this book, entitled The Altered I, a Holocaust Memoir, please follow…

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