Submissions Requested for Anthology

Just a reminder that the deadline is November 30 for submissions to this anthology. I have several good entries already and would love to see yours. This is an exciting and completely free way to get some publicity for yourself so I hope to receive your entry soon.

Lucidity Publishing

Dreams and Visions Cover

I wanted you to be the first to know–and I hope you are as excited as I am–that I will be e-publishing an anthology written by you. It is to be entitled “Dreams and Visions” and your submission can be an essay, poem, memory, or short story to do with either or both of those topics. This should be your unique interpretation, whether it be dreams you experience during sleep or dreams you or others have for your/their life; visions of grandeur or visions you have experienced, or fiction about any of these.  Deadline is November 30.

It must be your original work. Please submit your pieces to me at Use the words “Anthology Submission” in the subject so that your work will get the highest priority attention. Feel free to copyright.  My only use of your material will be in this anthology. You will receive full credit in the e-book and may include one…

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