Book Review: Candida Diet Recipes



Sugar Free & Easy Candida Diet Recipes: 20 Minute Meals to Heal Bloating & Yeast Infections (and to Lose Weight & Have More Energy!) — BONUS: 4 Weeks Meal Plan included!

If you need a gluten, dairy, and yeast free food plan, look no further.  Sandra Boehner has created wonderful recipes using real whole foods in creative but easy ways.  Her purpose was to make available materials to support those on a Candida treatment diet.  These quick meals will delight your family and your taste buds as your healing grows.  Sandra has put a tremendous amount of work and love into this cookbook, even soliciting taste testers to try the recipes. I was fortunate enough to be a taste tester and it was a pleasure and an honor.  I look forward to using more of these recipes.  They are simple to follow. My favorites are the kidney bean and tomato stew, two different soups, and the almond butter balls.


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