Book Review: The Carnivore’s Manifesto


The Carnivore’s Manifesto: Eating Well, Eating Responsibly, and Eating Meat

The Carnivore’s Manifesto: Eating Well, Eating Responsibly, and Eating Meat, by Patrick Martins, is a book guaranteed to make you think about where your food comes from. Did you know that every year, Americans eat more than 10 million livestock? Unfortunately, they are not raised in humane or sanitary conditions. This results in meat that is unhealthy for us, but its production is achieved only through a depressing life for the animals. Did you know that our youngest generation is expected to have a shorter life expectancy than its parents? This is said to be at least partially due to the poor quality of food. Life in a feedlot, with hormones and antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to get them to the slaughterhouse, does not produce quality meat. And until local food is really best, why eat local? By boycotting local substandard food, we can encourage producers to improve their offerings.

Other points made by Patrick Martins are these. Good food will not require sauces, herbs, and other enhancements. Whole foods are complete in themselves, with synergistic components in their chemistry to give them a well-rounded flavor. If you buy meat from a farmer who dumps hazardous waste into the water supply, you are participating in his fault. Hunting is not the barbarism many people think it is. Hunters have been supplying their families with meat for millennia and they do it in a sustainable manner. Organic food is a good idea, but no one can eat organic 100% of the time. The Carnivore’s Manifesto is an entertaining but educational look at America’s food supply, and where and how to get it. It’s a commentary on food with a conscious.

Reviewed by Mary Blowers for Reader’s Favorite.


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