Submissions Requested for Anthology

Dreams and Visions Cover

I wanted you to be the first to know–and I hope you are as excited as I am–that I will be e-publishing an anthology written by you. It is to be entitled “Dreams and Visions” and your submission can be an essay, memory, or short story to do with either or both of those topics. This should be your unique interpretation, whether it be dreams you experience during sleep or dreams you or others have for your/their life; visions of grandeur or visions you have experienced, or fiction about any of these.  Deadline is November 30.

It must be your original work. Please submit your pieces to me at Use the words “Anthology Submission” in the subject so that your work will get the highest priority attention. Feel free to copyright.  My only use of your material will be in this anthology. You will receive full credit in the e-book and may include one website listing which will appear after your name.

I would like pieces to be up to ten pages double-spaced, and they may be shorter. You may submit multiple pieces that total ten pages if preferred. The approval process will depend on the number of entries  but I will solicit another writer or two to be part of the judging. (Interested? Let me know.) Pieces with excessive profanity, violence, etc. will not  be considered. I don’t mind helping with spelling or grammar, including for those who consider English a second language, and may make recommendations along these lines. There is no change for your participation and you will get a free e-book for contributing, even if you are not chosen!

Exciting developments! I have decided to include a print version, which will also be available for purchase. In addition, there will likely be additional anthologies  in the future, on different topics, so follow this blog for updates.  Also!  If you are a talented cover artist and would like to donate the artwork, send those .jpgs to me as well.  It should be 1200-1400 pixels wide and fit a 6×9″ cover.  I’d like it to be something like the picture I created, above but am open to any kind of (clean) dreamy images.

Use this opportunity to begin or add to your portfolio of published work. Feel free to email me with any questions. I can’t wait to see what your dreams and visions are!  Some have already come in and we may have to close early if we fill up, so don’t delay.  You may invite others too!

Send entries to, by November 30, 2014.  I want to help you get out there!




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