Book Review: A Travel Guide to Life (Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul)



Buy “A Travel Guide to Life: Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul”

A Travel Guide to Life-Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul, by Anthony DeStefano, is a one of a kind self-help book. With a Biblical perspective, and a tough no-nonsense attitude, he gives advice for changing your life with hard-hitting realism such as if you don’t feel appreciated in your job, you have to either learn to enjoy it or get over it or find a way to get a new one. If you have an alcohol or eating or other addiction, the internet is available to everyone free of charge in the library. Get on there and find the advice, the professionals, who will help you. If you choose not to, you’re choosing to stay where you are.

Anthony DeStefano is not a doctor, or a psychologist, but believes he is uniquely qualified to give health advice and emotional advice. As a well known Christian author, he has the expertise of the Bible to rely on and a close relationship with God to guide him. His tough love approach will make you want to try his advice to get aerobic exercise just 3 times a week, and read the Bible every day, and begin or return to your prayer life. If you have access to the most powerful source of strength in the universe, why not learn more about it and let God help you? Not to spoil the surprise-but there is even a 2-part eating plan that may be all the diet you ever need. A Travel Guide to Life gives easy to understand tips like this, but don’t be deceived. These seemingly simple tasks will enhance your life and transform you in a way that you would never imagine.

Reviewed by Mary Blowers for Readers Favorite

I listened to this book on CDs, since having recent hand surgery I wasn’t sure how much reading I would be able to do. I would buy this hard copy book even though I’ve already listened to it, because there are so many good nuggets in here that I would like to be able to underline, turn down page corners, and be guided by the table of contents, not to mention to loan it to friends.

Personally, I will be doing my best to pray and read the Bible daily, and get that 3x a week exercise. After the report I got from my doctor a few weeks ago, this was just the kick in the pants I needed to drop some pounds and some cholesterol points. After all, no one else is putting that food in my mouth.




  1. This book looks so good. I need a good read like this one. I am in a self help phase right now and looking for some good reads. Currently reading Shortcuts to Mindfulness by Catherine Auman, is her site. If you need a good read on personal growth hers is a good place to start!


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