God Bless Middle-aged Daughters

I had to reblog this. Sounds like my life.


As I walk into the skilled nursing center where Mom is rehabilitating, I see other women like myself and think, “God bless middle-aged daughters.”

We’re the sensible, competent women who make it all happen.

On the street, we often go unnoticed, although we’re attractive. We dress well, but in age-appropriate clothes. No six-inch heels or short skirts. We may carry 10 to 20 extra pounds, but we’re fit, trim, and solid enough to carry the weight of the world.

On our lunch hour, after work, or during weekend visits, we go see our failing mothers and fathers. We bring them flowering plants small enough to fit on a bedside table/hard candy/clean sox/good cheer.

We comb their hair and smooth hand cream on their veiny hands and swollen feet. Once they could manage a demanding job or their family’s busy schedule, keep track of birthdays, recipes and grocery lists, but now…

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  1. Great title for your article. I worked for seven years in a top notch nursing/retirement facility. In that time, I saw every few visitors. The majority of the patients were alert and expectant of visitors who never showed. As a result, the residents incorporated the staff into their family circle. Most of the staff responded with cheery hellos or a willingness to listen to a story they’d heard before.

    People, such as yourself, are rare and precious treasures. Thank you for showing up.


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