Book Review: His Glorious Love


His Glorious Love

His Glorious Love, by Thomas Gabriel, is a book to help you grow in your spiritual walk. It contains many pertinent and beautiful lessons on God’s love and also acts as a devotional telling the story of our promise from Christ providing for our salvation from eternal damnation and death. Because we cannot as sinful beings abstain from sin, we would be doomed were it not for Jesus Christ. Appropriate for any age, it would be especially suited to young teenagers and younger children, because of ease of understanding the text, as well as the appealing drawings which appear on every page. Chapter headings include His Holy Light, Path of Life, Our Father’s House, Light of Salvation, Challenge of Sin, Law of Christ, Spirit of Promise, Gifts of Life, Cup of Fellowship, and His Glorious Love. Detailed explanations are given for each chapter, and each chapter closes with supporting scriptures to back up the points made in the text.

All in all, His Glorious Love by Thomas Gabriel is a delightful book that I personally will read again and again to strengthen my faith. Having grown up in the church I have heard much of this before, but Gabriel has a real gift of putting this information in writing and making it approachable. The paragraphs are short, but this is not to say that he skimps on his material. There is a lot of material but it was made very understandable. I must stress again it’s a very worthwhile book for any Christian, for anyone you hope will become a Christian, and for your children.




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