Book Review: Prayer Points that Changes Life

prayer points

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I loved this book, Prayer Points, by Isaac Iziken. It details the need for prayer by explaining the sin and Redeemer concepts, and then finishes with many specific prayers the reader can use to become more intimate with the Lord. The idea of freedom is explored, in that one might think they are free if they do whatever they like, but real freedom comes only with salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ. Abuses of Freedom are also covered in the next chapter. This occurs when we say we want closeness with the Savior, but don’t allot time for Him and instead watch television or spend excessive time in the gym. The Day of the Lord is described in this book as any day in which God grants your petition or visits you in some way. After reading this thorough explanation of the salvation concept, you can utilize the categorized prayers in the second half of the book to apply to your own situation. We can always thank the Lord for something. We all have the opportunity to be saved and that is our most amazing blessing. But if you look you will see many instances where you receive other blessings that you can thank Him for as well. There are also petitions for healing, provision, protection, and other basic needs. God is the only source of blessing and we would do well to utilize prayer to reach out to him.



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