Free Professional Book Reviews for All Genres!


Are you a new author and don’t know how to market? Are you releasing a book soon and could use a boost of publicity? Would you like to win an award that would help your sales efforts?

Readers’ Favorite uses a standard 5 star rating system and only post reviews we have awarded a 4 or 5 star rating. Our goal is to help authors with positive advertising for their books and to provide insightful reviews to help readers find the perfect book by a new or established author.

We review manuscripts, published & unpublished books, e-books, audio books, poetry books, comic books, graphic novels, and short stories. Your review will be posted on our site, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You can also post our review in your Amazon Editorial Reviews section.

All of our review pages display your book cover and have an Amazon purchase link, as well as optional links to your Video Book Trailer, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest pages. You can also add your biography and photo to your review. Our photo upload system will automatically resize your uploaded picture and maintain its aspect ratio so it looks as great as you do.

Your review page includes a Social Networking bar so you and your visitors can Like the page, Tweet your review, post it to Google Plus and Pin it to Pinterest. These buttons are automatically populated with your book cover and review so when people use the links all of your review information is there and ready to be advertised.

Our optional Review Exchange and Book Donation programs allow authors to obtain more exposure and reviews while helping other authors and charitable organizations. And our Monthly Book Giveaway allows you to advertise your book and gift it to a new reader who will potentially review it on your Amazon page.

To help maximize the exposure of your review on our site, you can choose up to 4 genre categories in which to display your book. For example, if you have written a Fantasy/Sci-Fi book for young adults, your could list your book in the “Young Adult – Fantasy/Sci-Fi,” “Fiction – Fantasy,” “Fiction – Sci-Fi” and “Fiction – Action” genre categories so more readers would find your book.

You will have a simple link to your review page like this one for world famous author David Baldacci,, as well as access to your own Author’s Area where you can update all of your information and options.

You may use as much or as little of our review as you wish. We write several paragraphs to provide you with a lot of material to pick quotes from. We can also work with you to create a Review Quote for your cover that meets your space needs. This Review Quote will be based on and in the same spirit as our review of your book.

Our goal is to help authors, so if you receive a poor review, our reviewer will point out any issues they had with your story to help you make it better. Once you have revised it, we will be happy to review it again.


If you receive a 5 star review you may use our FREE Readers’ Favorite 5 star review seal on any of your marketing materials (website, book cover, etc.). When your review is complete your Author’s Area will contain a link to where you can download both a fast loading 5 star image suitable for websites, Facebook, etc., and a high resolution version for your book cover or other printed materials. Our seal can be seen on book covers from indie authors to iconic publishers like Simon & Schuster.

We provide all of this completely FREE. So give it a try–just click the graphic below to find out more about Readers’ Favorite.




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