Book Review: The Alien, a Letter to my Future Self

alienThe Alien: A Letter to Future Self

The Alien, a Letter to Future Self, is a very unique book by Marc Seraphs. When I first picked it up, I thought the author was describing himself as an alien, as in an outer space person who doesn’t belong on Earth. But it became clear very soon that he meant as in undocumented alien, a person from another country who came to the USA. At the very beginning, Seraphs begins writing a letter that hints of all the things that were occurring in his life and hopefully be cleared up at an older age—one major part of which was his non-citizen status.

I find this a very interesting way to look at life. Anyone who’s been around for a while knows that no matter how catastrophic an even may seem when it begins, after it’s over and even a few years later you realize it didn’t take as long as you’d expected and didn’t even get as bad as you expected. By looking ahead one might expect that the situation would be cleared up.

After the questions to his future self about whether this or that situation was cleared up, he then goes on to give an opinionated monologue on racism, using a monkey’s point of view! He relates episodes from soccer games where the ultimate insult is to be called a monkey. This is supposed to refer to black players and he makes the point that the monkey is insulted to be used to express racist views. All in all, The Alien is a most thoughtful book by Marc Seraphs and I enjoyed it. Any thinking person who is open to new ideas might.


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