Book Review: Staying in the Priority Zone

zone How to Stay in the Priority Zone

How to Stay in the Priority Zone by Lisa Landtroop will grab your attention! Most everyone can say that at some time in their life they were bored or felt there was something missing in their life. Thinking it may be their job, their weight, their relationship, their stuff, their kids’ school, something spiritual, whatever they think it may be, they may try to change that alone. How many times do we go on a diet, dump a relationship, and quit our jobs, only to find we are no happier after the change?

Lisa Landtroop, author of Priority Zone makes the point that we spend approximately 56 hours a week working, and 56 hours a week sleeping. What do we do with the other 56 hours?? If you count housework and errands as work on the weekends, so all days are equal, you have 8 hours free time every day, to do whatever you want. That just baffled me, since I come home from work and feel like I have about 2 hours before I have to go to bed. Granted I cook the meals and do the laundry, but apparently I have a lot more time than I think! How can I use it differently?

Landtroop states, rightly so, that too many people are glued to their electronic devices–TV, smartphone, tablet, e-reader– during most or all of their waking hours, and suggests taking a break from them. Leave your smartphone on the kitchen counter unless it rings and go do something fun. Go outdoors with your kids. Write a novel. Redecorate a room. Your priorities will be your guide.


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