On Short Stories, Reading and Other Ramblings

Wonderful blog post about reading 🙂

Short Fiction Writers Guild

The Children’s books of my youth were filled with short stories, many of them surrounding the tumultuous conflicts of chicks, puppies and other farm animals, often unfolding in and around parks, ponds and barns.  At least this is my recall.  I remember a fair amount of discussion regarding kites as well, the importance of which was never adequately explained.  The little readers of elementary school were especially trying for me.  Even then, I thought they were dreadful and warranted an Amnesty International investigation.

Though the scars were still fresh, I had not given up on the written word entirely.  But I did not pick up a book with any measure of what passes for literary enthusiasm in the average kid until I found Encyclopedia Brown and other similar books, which are at best novellas.  (There is a reoccurring theme here, so turn off your Facebook chat and stop looking at…

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