The Dark Citadel rears its ugly head again

This looks like a fascinating series!

Jane Dougherty Writes

It’s announcement time. I have let myself be persuaded to release the whole of The Green Woman trilogy in a single volume. Quite an epic undertaking for a formatophobic like me. Well, it’s done and ready to be released next week, let’s say Wednesday April 15th.* There, it’s done, I’ll have to do it now.

*NB I’m editing this to Saturday April 18th so I can put it on preorder. I’ve never done that before!

In addition, since the individual volumes will still be available, I have reduced the price of The Dark Citadel to 99c or equivalent in other money.

dark Citadel

Deborah has a secret though she doesn’t know what it is.

The Protector does and so does Abaddon, the demon king.

Both of them want her destroyed.

Her only shield is a wild boy and a pack of wolfdog pups.

Between them, Jonah and Deborah have forged a weapon…

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