Teaser Tuesday ~ Septimity by Derek Haines

I love this title and cover. It is enough to make me want to read the book. Do your covers have the same effect?

The Bee Writes...

Septimity by Derek Haines Septimity by Derek Haines

Today I introduce you to one of my favourite indie authors: Derek Haines. I stumbled over him via Twitter in days long gone and he was so kind to take part in two of my interview series. He is the reason why I own a Kindle as I love sci-fi and fantasy novels and his Glothic Tales series sounded great and it was just so much easier to get it online.

I am not sure if he would be very proud of this as he often has a close look at Amazon’s terms and conditions and practises which make the indie authors life more difficult. On his blog that is. Forgive me, I am a bit confused lately due to some borderline iron deficiency but that’s another story.

Ok, what is it all about? In three books you meet three young men on adventures they…

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