Book Review: Mindsharing by Lior Zoref



Mindsharing is a new release from Portfolio/Penguin Publishers, by Lior Zoref, a first time author from Israel. Formerly the Vice-President of Marketing for consumer and online services at Microsoft, he left that company when he realized he had done all the right things, had a great job, but knew in his heart there was something more. He decided to follow his dream to speak at Ted, and developed a concept called Mindsharing–The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything.

What is Mindsharing? It is using the power of the “crowd” (which can be your social media connections) to help you learn things or make decisions. Zoref relates stories such as the mother who knew something was really wrong with her 4-year-old, although the doctor sent him home with an antibiotic. When that didn’t help, she posted a photo of her son on Facebook and very quickly had several people telling her of a disease that could be fatal–which is what he had. She rushed back to the hospital and saved her son’s life.

When you need information, such as research for a book, you can turn to your crowd. Rather than do all the research yourself, you can use the advice of all the experts you already know. Do you know engineers, avionics software experts, or restorers of ancient artifacts? They would probably love to be quoted and help advise your projects.

There may be doctors, architects, or writers in your crowd to help you diagnose your mother, design the perfect house for your family, or tell you how to get published. Talk to them about things that matter and they may likewise need your expertise in drywall hanging, cutting trees down, or low carb recipes.

I found myself turning down the corners of page after page as Zoref shared a multitude of companies, websites and apps I had never heard of that could improve my life, such as BillGuard for identity protection, and CrowdMed to learn possible diagnoses for one’s illnesses. This is a valuable book for anyone who wants to hack or improve their life, and doesn’t know where to start. I plan to refer to it often as I try the different techniques and apps I’ve just learned about.

Mindsharing is set to launch April 28.  Lior Zoref lives in Israel with his wife and three children and maintains the website and Facebook page. He’s a genius, and he’s an ordinary guy. He can be contacted at, followed at, and friended at His openness with this contact information, which is in his book, reflects the open nature of mindsharing itself. We are meant to live in community. By holding back, we hold everyone back.

Kudos to Lior Zoref and best wishes with the book launch.


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