Book Review-The Essence of Aptitude


The Essence of Aptitude (The Corpus Chronicles Book 1)

The Essence of Aptitude-the Corpus Chronicles, by Esha Bajaj, is a fascinating look at an alternative dystopian society. Dangers abound, especially for those over 16, since that is when your caste is revealed, your level in society. This often means leaving your parents and family and striking out on your own, finding a job and supporting yourself, at 16 years old. Depending on the number and color that appears on your wrist, you might get a slight advancement in your status, or a large one. The number can change throughout your lifetime and reveals your rank within your color. Complex characters fill The Essence of Aptitude and you’ll enjoy the concurrent story lines. Reminds me of the Divergent movies and if you like those you will love this book. Definitely recommended and five stars.




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